When you send out a 1 oz. letter first class you normally pay $.49 cents, plus the cost of getting your mail to the post office.  By using Mailroom Systems, Inc services, you pay a reduced postage rate and Mailroom Systems, Inc picks up and delivers your mail.

Bulk mail or Third Class mail


Standard mail (Also known as Bulk mail or Third Class mail) may be another economic method of reaching your audience. It is mainly used to send marketing material to a large base of clients.   You can save considerable amounts of money by sending mail Standard instead of First Class.  The mail piece must not be or have the characteristics of a bill and it can not be personal correspondence.  Call our Account Management staff with any questions regarding Standard mail qualification or go to the USPS website for more information on Standard mail.

Save 9% on postage

First Class Flats

Mailroom Systems, Inc can help save 9% on postage through your enrollment in our Postal Discount Program. As a valuable MSI customer, discounted postage is as easy as signing up for our postal discount program and requesting a pick-up. Let’s look at how this program can save you money!

  • Maximum weight 13 ounces

  • 3/4″ maximum thickness

  • Meter mail at First Class 3-Digit Automation Rate

  • $.12 cents Guaranteed Savings per piece

  • Meter mail with next days date

  • Minimum 400 pieces of letter mail for daily pick-up

  • Scheduled pick-ups for large mailings are available

  • Mail is pre bar-coded and sorted for faster USPS delivery

Mail Fulfillment Outsourcing

Never stuff another envelope.

Mailroom Systems takes care of all the printing, folding, stuffing and mailing. We make mail easy, fast and convenient

You Create the Mailing. We handle the rest.

Create your bills, invoices, statements, legal documents, general correspondence, direct mail or whatever it is you need to send to your customers  as usual and we’ll send it as mail.

Get you mail printed, sent, stored and more - with a click.

Send your electronic document to Mailroom Systems’ secured FTP weblink. Then tell us how your want it delivered and your job is done. It’s as quick and easy as printing or emailing  a document.

Other Services

CASS / PAVE/ NCOA List Processing  – Ink Jet Addressing – High Speed Printing – Intelligent Folding & Inserting – High Speed Metering

mail generation

Disaster Recovery

Keeping your operations up and running during disruptive events can be challenging-even the most prepared business need a solid plan for continuing their print and mail operations during an unplanned interruption in your  in-house mail processing capabilities. Mailroom Systems has the necessary systems to handle all your mail generation requirements:

  • High Speed Printing
  • Intelligent Folding & Inserting
  • High Speed Metering
  • Presort/ IMB Barcode Services

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